We’re having trouble getting over the fact that Peter Baker, the top political news analyst at the NYT, crossed the picket line today.

Peter Baker doesn’t care about the union, about NYT workers.
He’s the guy whose byline leads the front page on many of the most impt news days.

“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” is a dumb typewriter testing sentence. I prefer “Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.”

It is, objectively, a million times cooler.

Shampoo is always made of Water (Aqua) now, because water is fancier in Latin

One of the groups filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in the controversial elections case Moore v. Harper was a nonprofit named America's Future.

In 2020, the conservative group had under $100k in revenue. But in 2021, it received $1 million from a dark money conduit and announced a shift in leadership to the Trump-pardoned General Michael Flynn.


suddenly so relevant, re: #robots 

what's missing is the , cultural part


thoughtful reflections on the Slavic Christian Church, at Popula 

This is from back in May but is a timely read now; history and context


How is archiving government information an act of radical journalism? Journalist and editor Maria Bustillos (@maria) explores our latest project, Democracy's Library, in a new article for Columbia Journalism Review: cjr.org/business_of_news/archi

Earlier this year, I became aware of STANDARD EBOOKS, a donation-dependent group of edtiors and layout experts who have been doing the amazing work of taking out-of-copyright books, turning them into top-quality ebooks, and then releasing them for free.

Some of the books they've done are in the Internet Archive here:


They're seeking 75 patrons in December to keep themselves afloat, consider donating to this amazing cause.


I've been seeing some of the early lists of the best movies of the year and Everything Everywhere All At Once is not on them?! Who do I yell at for this oversight? Yeoh and Quan (at minimum) better get nominated for some awards or there's gonna be trouble.

Two #California ladies on growing up speaking #Spanish 

a fantastic conversation with @lesbrains, from whom I learn a lot, all the time


Okay, so the trick to really growing your newsfeed on here is finding people on other servers and following them. Following is much more important than followers on a decentralized platform.

The problem is that a lot of people on here don't know where to find others. There are a few ways to find people on the fediverse. /1

The Great Wordle Strike of December 8 2022.

US Labor History will never be the same.

(I really will be skipping the Wordle! A streak is a small price to pay for solidarity!)

on speaking Spanish, with Myriam Gurba 

Conversation of rare quality, a profound experience for me.


yeah no, we're not in a helicopter flying over a carpet of news, like at all

Fact check: true. 48,000 people on strike, for 3+ weeks. If they win, it could reset the debate and trigger a massive shift away from the generations-long, austerity-driven, privatization of public higher ed. #FairUCNow

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Maria Bustillos @maria :

Archiving official documents as an act of radical journalism


"Democracy's Library, a new project of the Internet Archive that launched last month, has begun collecting the world's government publications into a single, permanent, searchable online repository, so that everyone—journalists, authors, academics, and interested citizens—will always be able to find, read, and use them."

comedians have nothing to fear from ChatGPT 

(the Mitch Hedberg one is not entirely uncharacteristic, but it's not funny enough for him to have told imo)

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