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if you want your hero to join mastodon, talk about them on mastodon

One of those rare hardhitting/crazymaking chapo episodes where they keep trying to sardonically not care about something the guest & you care about

@maria After 34 sleepless minutes staring at that little black bug next to the UPC (Penguin!) I believe can finally confirm: 11 Pelican Shakespeare volumes, except that they are all Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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This one makes me laugh every year… because it is so very true.

ChatGPT enables fully automated and democratized 11pm chats with your Wikipedia editor freshman roommate.

@maria The ~5¢ comment fee to keep comment quality high is very, very similar to the original idea behind Hashcash to cut email spam by charging proof of work per message sent, which became one of the foundations for Satoshi’s whitepaper.

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Here are some alpha access slots for Ivory! If you don’t get one, no need to worry. We will keep adding more people over time.

Keep in mind:

1. This is an early alpha. Many things are missing and consider everything a work in progress.
2. Send us feedback via the contact button in the settings or [email protected] Don’t use the TestFlight feedback system. We don’t read those often.
3. Enjoy using an alpha product! 😇

everything is great on , where the points don’t matter & the game is made up

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